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1. Shrouded Cimarron Ramparts
"Kaleidescope Kreek" IX
1. Uncompahgre Grandeur.
18. As the storm passed...
"Kaleidescope Kreek" I
1. "Kaleidescope Kreek" I
20. Redcliff at Sunset
2. "Kaleidescope Kreek" IV
3. "Kaleidescope Kreek" XI
4. "Kaleidescope Kreek" VI
30. "Kaliedescope Kreek"
2015 5. View Point
19. Misty Morning.
5. "Kaleidescope Kreek" II
21. Shrouded Sheep Mountain
6. "Kaleidescope Kreek" III
18. Island Home in the Snow and Mist
Ballet of the Sand Hill Cranes. Artist: Audrey Boag
1. Snowy Cimarron Ramparts
3. Pikes Peak from Conifer Mountain
10. "Kaleidescope Kreek" VIII
Precipice Peak from Owl Creek Pass
2015 1. Rowdy Lake Pano 1
Sand Hill Cranes Artist: Audrey Boag
23. Think it will Snow Much?
14. "Kaleidescope Kreek" V
1. Moss Falls I
2. Moss Falls II
Yellow avalanche!
3. Moss Falls III
4. Moss Falls Summer, 2013
6. Mossy Cascade
3. Changing of the colors; changing of the seasons.
4. Big Cimarron Valley view point
22. "Kaleidescope Kreek" icy waters
Ballet of the Sand Hill Cranes. Artist: Audrey Boag
7. Secret lake # 2 fall reflection
8. Cimarron Forks
10. Redcliff at Sunset
25. "Kaleidescope Kreek" VII
14. Colorful Cascade at first light.
Rowdy Lake 3, Still and Shrouded
Precipice Peak at Sunrise
16. Stormy Waters
26. "Kaleidescope Kreek" X
Sheep Mountain after the storm
8. Snow ending near Silver Jack Res.
27. "Kaleidescope Kreek" IX
Foggy Cimarron Pinnacles
21. Cascade over old log II
Early morning fog along the Cimarron Ridge
22. Embracing the light streaks...
5. Cimarron Ridge
13. Storm Mosaic
16. Beaver Lake
18. Uncompahgre Forest
26. Road 858, The "highway to heaven on earth."
28. Owl Creek Pass the day after the storm
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