For years, I have kept a camera handy just in case a funny sign is spotted. Turning around on the highway is a usual occurance when I see something of interest. A good laugh or a shake of the head usually happens! This fun breaks up the monotany of a long trip, and is better than counting old VW bugs!
1. Enterprise in America......
2. No Shirt, Free Drinks
3. Strong Canadian Lady.
Airborne I
5. Airbourne II
6. Politically Correct....
7. Pink Dreamcatcher
8. "'Nuff Said."
9. Spring is in the Air....
9. Tough mountain biking in Canada!
10. Happy Halloween!
11. Not only did I not trespass...
12. Mean dog.
13. High up Hall Valley
14. You have been warned.
15. Why...
16. Lots of color...and white!
17. Bovine photo assistant
18. "The Good Stuff"
19. South Dakota Tavern
20. Redneck Paradise Tavern
21. Back Door to the Redneck Paradise Tavern
22. Football rivalry in the same houshold
23. Obviously written by someone who is....
24. The Wild West still exists...
25. Boys and their John Deere toys
26. Rusty's "Nightmare!"
27. Heading in the right direction!
28. After a hard day on the slopes....
29. Hope he is a Bronco fan.
30. Baby 4 x 4 in Moab, UT
31. I am really confused.....
32. Kokopelli petroglyph
33. I am surprised....
Eat your veggies!
Choking a chicken???
Enough said
Mail box next to the fishing pond...go figure.
Well said.
So many thoughts....
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