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1. "Kaleidescope Kreek" I
2. "Kaleidescope Kreek" IV
Jumbled Ice
3. "Kaleidescope Kreek" XI
4. Water, ice, and minerals
4. "Kaleidescope Kreek" VI
5. Water, ice, and minerals
5. "Kaleidescope Kreek" II
Icy fingers
6. "Kaleidescope Kreek" III
Monet Mosaic
7. Chalk Creek, Mt. Princeton, CO
8. Early morning ice backlit on fall foilage.
9. More reflected light on Chalk Creek
10. "Kaleidescope Kreek" VIII
11. Chalk Creek reflected light
36. Geneva Creek 4-1
12. Cascades on Chalk Creek
Geneva Creek 4-1
13. Early Winter Frozen Waterfall
35. Geneva Creek 4-1
Icy rose
14. "Kaleidescope Kreek" V
34. Geneva Creek 4-1
Geneva Creek March, 2016
15. Frozen window to icy falls
16. Early high mountain ice
Geneva Creek with blue sky and ice
17. A burst of light
18. Golden creek starting to ice over
19. No Color in the Winter, Eh?
20. Ice for a Day
21. Frozen pine needles I
22. "Kaleidescope Kreek" icy waters
23. Frozen pine needles II
21. Ice Storm on Conifer Mountain
24. Singing the Blues
22. Frosty aspens
25. "Kaleidescope Kreek" VII
23. Ice storm vs. fall colors.
26. "Kaleidescope Kreek" X
27. "Kaleidescope Kreek" IX
Geneva Creek, Mar. 2015
Geneva Creek, Mar. 2015
Geneva Creek Cascades
Geneva Creek Cascades 4-4
Geneva Creek Cascades 4-4
Geneva Creek 3-9, # 2
Handcart Creek Cascades 1
Handcart Terraces 3
"Kaleidescope Kreek" IX
"Kaleidescope Kreek" XI
"Kaleidescope Kreek" IV
"Kaleidescope Kreek" I
"Kaleidescope Kreek" VIII
"Kaleidescope Kreek" V
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