A person can see the professional photograpic art displays, and the fine art paintings that depict the beauty of Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef, Arches, Escalante, and Canyonlands. But not to see these parks in real time is not to see them at all! Three million visitors see Zion each year. I am sure the majority of those are repeat visitors. I will surely be one of them!

Images are from a three day visit in 2013 and 12 days in May, 2016.
2016 1. Bryce Canyon sunrise point 2016
2016 2. Bryce Canyon Fairyland Canyon
2016 3. Canyonlands
2016 4. Grosvenors Arch
2013 1. Canyonlands I
2. Canyonlands II
3. Canyonlands III
4. Canyonlands IV
5. Zion's High Sky
6. Kolob Canyon
7. Fall along the Virgin River
8. The Patriarchs at sunrise
9. Kolob Canyon entrance
10. The view from The Human History Museum at sunrise
11. The Watchman range at sunset
12. Backlit Beauty
13. Capitol Reef's fall colors
14. Capital Reef; Painter's paradise
15. Grown from a rock
16. Sunset at Chimney Rock
17. Well stacked
18. Small Pebbles from the last storm
19. Iconic Capitol Reef
20. Bryce Canyon's last light
21. Bryce Canyon at Sunset
22. Bryce Panorama
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