There is nothing better in life than the company of good people, the beauty of nature, and a solid belly laugh. This site is about the latter two.

When I was twenty, I purchased a small half-frame 35mm film camera to record my escapades over-seas. Since then, the cameras and equipment have evolved. So has my photography. Not wanting to miss a "killer shot" the camera seems to be around my neck or under the seat of the truck. I'm always waiting for that special sunset, an elusive moose, colorful ice and water, irridecent minerals, backlit flowers, funny signs, a lake reflection or a panorama that will stop time.

Semi-retirement has allowed me to do some really crazy things and be in some really, really crazy places. "Does a tree falling in the forest make a noise if no one is around to hear it?" I am not sure. But I know it does blow a lot of snow if it falls 25 feet in front of the truck! Being in crazy places at the wrong (or right) time, has allowed me to be where scenes can take your breath away. This makes the traveling, and fall and winter camping seem worth it - despite of the cold and snow.

Travels across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada has sparked my interest in unusual or hilarious signage. I've turned around many times to catch a peculiar or clever sign, bumper sticker, roadside bar, billboard, or traffic signage that makes no sense.

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