Ok, it has taken us a while but we have finally been able to get new images of the minerals this year (August, 2014)! Heavy rains occuring almost daily has prevented the minerals from forming.
The first sighting this year gives us probably the best images so far, and we are looking forward to getting more as the rainy season subsides.
9-4-2014 The rain went away for three days, but that was enough for the minerals to reform!
Some of the best color we have seen is now posted here.
Of course the rains came back and washed everything away again! Hopefully in October we will see minerals with ice and snow; again, stay tuned!
9-27 update! More minerals, but not as prolific as we had expected. The ground water is diminishing, so this may be the last minerals for the season. But they are still very colorful!
7. New in Sept.!
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