The most recent image additions my not be the most recent taken. I am always reviewing past images because after time, the eye sees differently and the mind can be in a different place. There are images I have overlooked but deserve posting and being viewed! Enjoy the newly posted!
July, 2020 was a great time to be on Engineer Pass.
Sandhill Cranes, 2021 to 2023.
Geneva Creek April, 2020
Snowy Park County Moose
Park County Moose
Cimarron Road
Enjoying the new fountain!
Sunrise at Bryce Canyon. Mar., 2019
Waving goodbye before heading south!
Northern Flicker. Nests in a hole in the siding of the house. Spends the winter up here in the mountains!
Silver Jack area.
along Cimarron Road
Jackson Guard Station, Big Cimarron
The ranches along Cimarron Road.
"This is my bath!"
Stellar's Jay loves peanuts!
Western Tanager
"Seriously dude, this is Spring?"
Coming in for a landing! Clark's Nutcracker.
Stellar's Jay
Magpie. A greedy bird!
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