A gallery has been added specifically for the annual trip to the Big Cimarron Valley and Owl Creek Pass area. Located east of Ridgway, CO about 25 miles, the Big Cimarron Valley and Owl Creek Pass area have been a favorite for years. Even in "off years" for color such as 2013, the area continue to amaze for it's incredible views. Adding snow, clouds, and fog banks just makes it that much more special. Each year after the pilgrimage to the Big Cimarron Valley and Owl Creek Pass, we say it just can't get any better. Yet it continues to do so. Come join us - first week of October. You won't be disappointed! The original "True Grit" was filmed in the area in the late 1960s. Since I could not make the trip in 2014 due to medical reasons, I have added some additional images from past years. It's been fun going back and seeing images that didn't make the first cut for the website, yet are still stunning! Enjoy!
1. Shrouded Cimarron Ramparts
1. Uncompahgre Grandeur.
4. Cimarron Ramparts
21. Big Cimarron Valley after the Storm
8. Beaver Lake after the storm
2. Sunrise from Big Cimarron Valley
3. Near Jackson Station cabin
21. Shrouded Sheep Mountain
4. Jackson Station cabin
5. Beaver Lake
6. Cimarron Ridge as the storm sunsides
1. Snowy Cimarron Ramparts
2015 1. Rowdy Lake Pano 1
2105 2. Rowdy Lake Pano 2
Highest Aspens
Cimarron Ramparts at the change
19. What photographers see...
25. Jackson Station cabin hard snow!
2013 1. Big Cimarron Valley Panorama
24. Good Vibrations!
1. Owl Creek Pass
2. Rowdy Lake
3. Changing of the colors; changing of the seasons.
4. Big Cimarron Valley view point
6. Snow Capped Thirteeners
8. Cimarron Forks
10. Redcliff at Sunset
6. Jackson Guard Cabin along 858
7. Tau's Secret Pond #1
Silver Jack Reservoir
8. Snow ending near Silver Jack Res.
9. Cimarron Pinnacles
11. Precipice Peak
13. Storm Mosaic
14. Redcliff
15. Highest Aspens II
16. Beaver Lake
6. Jackson Station Cabin, Fall Colors
18. Uncompahgre Forest
19. Cimarron Aspenglow
22. Cimarron view point after the storm
23. Big Cimarron Valley panorama
24. Cimarron view point after the storm II
25. Secret Lake #1
26. Road 858, The "highway to heaven on earth."
28. Owl Creek Pass the day after the storm
29. Courthouse and Chimney Rock
30. Beaver Lake Panorama
31. Secret Lake # 1
33. Rolling color near Silver Jack Reservoir
13. Early Morning light in the Big Cimarron
35. Entering / leaving the Big Cimarron Valley
23. Precipice Peak
15. Lightning Storm over the Uncompahgre Plateau
19. Big Cimarron Forks
7. Sunrise at Cimarron Forks
18. High Mesa
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