There's is nothing like seeing the goats and sheep on Mt. Evans! Memorial Day (if open) is the target to see them at there photographic best. Foxes are elusive, but so enjoyable to see.
Christmas Fox
4. Mt. Evans goats I
5. Mt. Evans goats II
Mt. Evans goats 2016
Christmas Fox
6. Mt Evans goats III
Northern Flicker
8. Blizzard doggie
Western Tanager arrived too early!
Iris. Mt Evans baby goat 2018
Western Tanager
10. Sunning marmot
Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Mount Evans goat
Mt. Evans goats
12. Sara's Bald Eagle
13. Grizzly Den fox
San Luis Valley Great Horned Owls
15. Little one
16. "Marilyn" resting at the Grizzly Den
17. Sleepy Marilyn
18. Marilyn... because of her beauty mark
20. Bovine photo image critic
22. The Grizzly Den Bandit
23. Hiding racoon
24. Straight Creek Goats
25. Slow Day on the Throne
27. Best and happiest hiking dog ever!
28. Twin dogs...
29....with different mothers.
30. Christmas dinner
31....a face a mother could love
32. Awwww.....
33. Lake of the Woods cutie I
34. Lake of the Woods cutie II
35. Downy woodpecker and chick
Clear Lake beaver
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