Colorado Fall Colors
I've heard that the fall colors back east are the best. Images I have seen of New England may show a crazy variety of stunning color, but fall colors without the mountains and snow just do not get my attention. Maybe someday I will make the trip back east to see for myself. But until then, Colorado is the place to be for fall colors with ice, snow and mountains!
1. Shrouded Cimarron Ramparts
1. Uncompahgre Grandeur.
3. Maroon Bells up high
4. Cimarron Ramparts
5. Cimarron Forks - my favorite aspen
6. Jackson Station Cabin, Fall Colors
7. Secret lake # 2 fall reflection
8. Secret lake # 2 fall reflection
9. Secret lake # 2 fall reflection
10. Fall colors lake reflection
11. Last Dollar Road - carpet of gold
12. The morning after the storm
13. Early Morning light in the Big Cimarron
14. Big Cimarron Valley View Point
15. Big Cimarron Valley - good vibration
16. Big Cimarron Pinnacle with fall colors
17. Beaver Lake
18. As the storm passed...
19. Big Cimarron Forks
20. Secret lake # 1
18. High Mesa
19. What photographers see...
20. Snowy leaves mosaic
21. Ice Storm on Conifer Mountain
22. Frosty aspens
23. Ice storm vs. fall colors.
24. Good Vibrations!
25. Jackson Station cabin hard snow!
Boreas Pass 1
Boreas Pass 2
Jefferson Lake area
South Park
Webster Pass from Kenosha Pass
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