the best of the best of two years of hummingbird photography.
Book Cover
Fighting Rufous.
Always on the lookout.
Hummingbird Wars!
Getting a meal during a snowstorm.
Hummingbird bath.
Taking off for a fight!
Waving as he starts the migration south.
Caught in a Spring storm.
Meeting for a drink and a bath.
Getting cooled off on a hot August day.
Early to arrive, they really need some food.
"Praying" for cooler weather!
Rain drops keep falling on my head.
Splish Splash!
"Really? Snow in May?"
Bird launching fountain.
Aerial battle!
Sipping at last light.
"I'm so pretty!"
"I'm so tired, I'm drinking and cooling off at the same time!"
Watching over the feeders. Being territorial.
Rufous looking for a fight! Back Cover
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