New in 2014, I am enjoying these type of images more and more. I hope by the end of the year this gallery will be filled! New additions from 2015 are now here! An exciting trip into the Big Cimarron Valley yielded new and exciting panoramas. Lake reflections and weather shrouded pinnacles were fun to shoot!
2016 1. Fairyland Canyon at Bryce Canyon N.P.
2015 1. Rowdy Lake Pano 1
2105 2. Rowdy Lake Pano 2
2015 3. Aspen Avalanche!
2015 4. Beaver Lake reflection
2015 5. View Point
2015 6. Silver Jack Reservoir
2014 1. Big Cimarron Valley Panorama
2. Sunrise from Big Cimarron Valley
3. Near Jackson Station cabin
4. Jackson Station cabin
5. Beaver Lake
6. Cimarron Ridge as the storm sunsides
7. Sunrise at Cimarron Forks
8. Beaver Lake after the storm
9. Jefferson Lake area
10. Colorful Creek Panorama
11. Webster Pass and Red Cone
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