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"And always remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away." George Carlin
A "One Dog Night in the Cimarrons!"
As children, we all had our favorite places - playgrounds. As adults, we are STILL kids looking for favorite places -playgrounds. I've been lucky to call Colorado home for most of my life and I have been extremely fortunate to be able to visit places (playgrounds) that most will not see. I have also been fortunate to carry a camera for most of those trips. Two of those playgrounds are prominently featured on this website; Park County, Colorado and the Cimarrons in the Uncompahgre Forest near Ridgway, CO. There are other great places in Colorado, but these two places are especially spectacular, special to me, and very photogenic.
The image above was taken after spending a night in a snow storm in the West Fork of the Cimarrons, in November, in a tent at 11,000' in elevation. (It was a "One Dog Night") With nearly two feet of new snow over-night (forecasters said 4"), the views and the images were breath-taking! If you think photography is easy, though, come join us and find out! October 1st, if you find Siver Jack Reservoir in the Cimarrons, you will find us! But please, bring your own 4x4, sunscreen, splints, tourniquets, bandages and paid up auto and health insurance!


You have found the photography website for Steve (Grizz) Adams, I am Colorado nature lover who happens to carry a camera. Native to Colorado, I am still lucky to live in the foothills near Denver. "Grizz" because if you live in mountains long enough - have a dog, a beard, and have the last name Adams, you'll be inevitably tagged with "Grizzly Adams!" Retired from the hustle and bustle of the 7 to 5 corporate work place, I still work hard being "out there" in our beautiful state. Yes, that means early morning trips - up well before sunrise, doing a little winter tent camping, and some hard four-wheeling, too!

Photographic images vary from majestic winter mountain scenes to colorful fall colors in the Colorado mountains. Also included on the site are unusual trees, flowers, sunrises and sunsets, lake reflections, moving waters, and icy waterfalls. Among the favorites that bring a smile or a giggle are inquisitive animals and quirky roadside signage!

Abstract Alpine Minerals

Special (new in 2013 and more images added in 2014, 2015) are the abstract alpine minerals! Discovered in the summer of 2013, we are still learning how to shoot these images. Yes, these really are photographs and not paintings or computer generated abstracts! Solent News and Photo Agency in Great Britain discovered these special images on this website, and has done a feature photo news story on the abstract alpine minerals. Check out what got their attention:
Please enjoy the sites!

The images are for purchase.

Please enjoy the website as it evolves (started in Febr., 2013). The images are for purchase in a variety of sizes and formats. Please contact me, Steve (Grizz), for pricing and options. All photo images on print will be on high quality Fuji or Kodak paper. In addition to prints, the images are available on gallery mount board, museum quality canvas wrap, and new in 2014, images on aluminum and acrylic! A must see to believe the clarity and color aluminum and acrylic give an image! And the Aluminums are ready to hang immediately!
With the aluminums, acrylics, canvas wraps, thin wraps, and gallery mount board...they are ready to place on a wall without the cost of matting and framing!
All orders are special and will be handled with deserving care! Surprise yourself! Most special orders can be ready in a week to ten days! So don't hesitate to give them a try.

Let's talk!
I will return all phone inquires, so don't hesitate to call and leave a message! 303-596-5486. I do love to talk about the places that are shown on the site! Email: I am also on Facebook: Steve Grizz Adams. By mail: P.O. BOX 924 Bailey, CO 80421

Pricing for 2023:

There is a wide variety of sizes and products in which the images can be purchased.
Some images do have a size restriction. I will list some standard prices and sizes, but it is better to contact me direct to confirm pricing and availability. Special shipping is in addition to the pricing listed here.

Image infused onto aluminum - standard sizes, approximate pricing

8 x 12 - 60.00
10 x 20 - 150.00
11 x 17 - 135.00
16 x 20 - 190.00
8 x 24 - 115.00 (Panorama)
16 x 24 - 215.00
12 x 36 - 250.00 (Panorama)
20 x 30 - 375.00
24 x 30 - 400.00
20 x 40 - 450.00 (Panorama)
24 x 36 - 450.00
20 x 60 - 725.00 (Panorama)
30 x 40 - 725.00
40 x 60 - 1,300.00

Image on board - standard pricing
11 x 14 - 100.00

Image on acrylic - standard pricing
11 x 14 - 125.00

High quality paper prints- please contact me for current pricing.

Site last update: March 31, 2023

Beating (fighting) Cancer!

For those who know me personally, know I have been fighting cancer for over 8 years now. Thyroid at first and now skin cancer too. Skin cancer is fairly easy; surgery and some recovery time. But the Thyroid cancer is an ongoing battle. Three initial surgeries took care of it at first. But a spot has returned and is on my sternum. Inoperable. So I have just finished 15 months on Chemotherapy. That has controlled the cancer, but not beaten it. Now the Chemo has run it's usable course and I begin "Targeted Therapy" this June. Looks like this will be a long drawn out battle. But one that I am ready for.
I post this about my cancer for several reasons. I am not looking for prayers, sympathy, or tears. I am still reasonably healthy, and I still get out and shoot. I am still alive and having fun! I want people to know not to take life for granted, and not to to take your health for granted either. I skipped wellness checks for about 1 1/2 years. I didn't go in for a checkup until I started feeling poorly. A mistake I regret. Doing regular checkups is vital; as is following medical advice.
I have lived life to the fullest and continue to do so! Did lots of great things. I have a wonderful family and great grand kids! One young four year old granddaughter I am sure will one day rule the world! I hope to be around to see that!

Viewing the images

Currently the images can be viewed at:

NEW! Lynn's Tea Shop and Cafe is opening on Jan. 1. 2019. Happy New Year! Located at Simms St. and Cross Ave. in Littleton. Just off C470 and North of Bowles Ave. The best foods and desserts! Many of my best images along with art from Treeline Photography and Morning Star Studio.

Bean and Bakery Bistro in Pine Junction, CO. They have cinnamon rolls to die for!

Mountain Sun Arts in Fairplay, CO. 435 Front Street near South Park, they are showing many images on metal. Near South Park.

Credits and such

Without an inquisitive nature, there is no growth as a person or as a photographer. I gratefully thank Buffalo Kaplinski and John Marino for their friendship and great company while on our trips. They are true landscape visionaries and "colorists" from whom I have learned much about color, "the sacred light", hard work, location, timing, and just plain old luck!

Please visit and for their colorful fine art work and photo images. Both of these web sites have been recently upgraded with new work.

Sometimes photo images are taken and no one ever sees them. A shame when the images are truly breath-taking. I have posted images on this site from various friends and photographers. Check out their gallery!

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