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1. Shrouded Cimarron Ramparts
1. Owl Creek Pass
1. The "eyes" have it!
Clear Lake near Silver Jack Reservoir 1
Crystal Lake, Red Mountain Pass
2. Crater Lake beneath Maroon Bells
1. Uncompahgre Grandeur.
1a. "Here's looking at you."
2. Rowdy Lake
Clear Lake 2
2015 1. Rowdy Lake Pano 1
Rowdy Lake duck reflections
3. Changing of the colors; changing of the seasons.
2. "Cimarron John" bathed in aspen glow.
3. Maroon Bells up high
Silver Jack Reservoir
2105 2. Rowdy Lake Pano 2
Big Cimarron Valley Panorama
4. Big Cimarron Valley view point
Aspen Glow
4. Cimarron Ramparts
Kenosha Pass Clan
Shrouded Sheep Mountain
2015 3. Aspen Avalanche!
Rowdy Lake Reflection
5. Cimarron Forks - my favorite aspen
2015 4. Beaver Lake reflection
Beaver Lake, Early color.
6. Jackson Station Cabin, Fall Colors
6. Jackson's Cabin
6. Snow Capped Thirteeners
2015 5. View Point
Red Mountain Pass in peak color!
7. Secret lake # 2 fall reflection
7. Tau's Secret Pond #1
7. Cimarron Forks
2015 6. Silver Jack Reservoir
Crystal Lake Reflection
8. Early morning ice backlit on fall foilage.
8. Secret lake # 2 fall reflection
8. Snow ending near Silver Jack Res.
8. Cimarron Forks
2014 1. Big Cimarron Valley Panorama
Yellow avalanche!
9. Secret lake # 2 fall reflection
2. Sunrise from Big Cimarron Valley
9. Cimarron Pinnacles
10. Fall colors lake reflection
3. Near Jackson Station cabin
11. Last Dollar Road - carpet of gold
11. Precipice Peak
4. Jackson Station cabin
12. The morning after the storm
12. Highest Aspens
5. Beaver Lake
Beaver Lake 1
13. Maroon Lake, Aspen Colorado
13. Early Morning light in the Big Cimarron
13. Storm Mosaic
6. Cimarron Ridge as the storm sunsides
Beaver Lake 2
14. Maroon Lake Morning
14. Big Cimarron Valley View Point
7. Sunrise at Cimarron Forks
Clear Lake 3
15. Big Cimarron Valley - good vibration
8. Beaver Lake after the storm
15. Highest Aspens II
Rowdy Lake 1
16. Big Cimarron Pinnacle with fall colors
16. Beaver Lake
9. Jefferson Lake area
Rowdy Lake 2
17. Beaver Lake
16. Lots of color...and white!
13. Capitol Reef's fall colors
17. Precipice Peak from Owl Creek Pass
Rowdy Lake 3, Still and Shrouded
17. Bovine photo assistant
18. Uncompahgre Forest
Precipice Peak at Sunrise
19. Cimarron Aspenglow
Sheep Mountain after the storm
20. Backlighting after the storm
Foggy Cimarron Pinnacles
21. Big Cimarron Valley after the Storm
20. Bovine photo image critic
19. What photographers see...
22. Cimarron view point after the storm
Silver Jack Reservoir and the Cimarron Ridge in full color!
20. Snowy leaves mosaic
23. Precipice Peak
23. Big Cimarron Valley panorama
Between Rowdy and Clear Lakes
23. Think it will Snow Much?
21. Ice Storm on Conifer Mountain
24. Cimarron view point after the storm II
25. Secret Lake #1
22. Frosty aspens
26. Road 858, The "highway to heaven on earth."
23. Ice storm vs. fall colors.
27. Backlit Aspen Glow
24. Good Vibrations!
28. Spotlight
28. Owl Creek Pass the day after the storm
25. Jackson Station cabin hard snow!
15. Fall Colors Reflection, Clear Lake
29. Courthouse and Chimney Rock
Boreas Pass 1
30. Beaver Lake Panorama
Boreas Pass 2
Clear Lake near Silver Jack Res.
31. Secret Lake # 1
Jefferson Lake area
Silver Jack Reservoir
South Park
Shrouded Sheep Mountain
Webster Pass from Kenosha Pass
33. Rolling color near Silver Jack Reservoir
34. My favorite tree
35. Entering / leaving the Big Cimarron Valley
Kensoha Pass Clan
Beaver Lake
Sunrise at Big Cimarron Valley
Cimarron Ramparts at the change
Cimarron Forks - my favorite aspen
Maroon Bells up high
Highest Aspens
Precipice Peak from Owl Creek Pass
Boreas Pass
Moose family in Park County
Beaver Lake Panorama
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